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Highly recommended, Lauren is such an amazing breeder! It truly shows she loves every pup that comes from her farm. We were able to come visit our baby prior to taking her home. We spent a good amount of time getting to know her, met our pups parents and learned about her farm. When we picked up Penelope (formerly Dolly) we were provided with a folder of information and a goodie bag of items for our new baby. Even after we left Lauren was there to answer any questions or concerns that arose.

Lauren is great!!! We have had our pup Owen for 4 days now and he is outstanding. You can tell the puppy was well cared for before we got to meet him. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a precious little corgi :) Lauren is very responsive and helpful with any questions or concerns. 10/10 experience!!!

Lauren is *awesome* and clearly cares about her pups, where they go, and who they go to. I had a great time visiting her ranch and meeting the pups/parents. She let us have a few puppies on hold and never rushed us while we were playing with them—it was going to be my first puppy/dog I ever owned so I really appreciated her patience and hospitality! She’s always a text/call away to answer my questions. She was really thorough explaining the vet papers. Her puppy pack is also awesome—she sent us off with so much food, toys, a harness, and a leash! Our baby boy is so precious and perfect. Excellent temperament, incredibly people / animal friendly (we have a cat), and didn’t whine at all during our 5 h car ride home. He doesn’t seem to show nearly as much separation anxiety as I had expected. He’s also super quiet at night (almost too quiet for potty training haha), which has made the transition easier than I expected. Highly highly highly recommend Lauren and her corgis.
Lauren is a wonderful person and a phenomenal breeder. I searched through several breeders for the perfect one and Lauren and her family are definitely it! These guys come health tested and the parents are clear for several health concerns corgis are predisposed too. They also are dewormed when appropriate to do so and see a vet for their health checks and first vaccinations. I have been waiting to finish college to bring a puppy home for the perfect timing and last night we finally were able to bring our sweet Ariat home 💙 He is a happy,  healthy little pup and I could not be more in love with him! He is already doing great with potty training and socialization. Lauren takes the time to send weekly updates with photos and videos of the puppies along with letting us know how he was doing. It was so exciting getting to watch him grow each week! She is so knowledgeable about this breed and is incredibly helpful every step of the way! We were able to come to her home to pick Ariat up and meet his parents Nugget and Trace, along with all of his brothers and sisters and the rest of the corgis there. We were able to play with him and go over any questions we had while we were there. These guys are all so loved and very well cared for! She let us know she can be of any help with anything we may need in the future, and it shows how much she truly cares about these babies. She also sent us home with several toys he loves, and some other goodies 💙 If you’re searching for the right family to bring a puppy home from, the Johnson’s are it! We could not be more thankful for all of her help and for bringing sweet little Ariat into our lives!! We will definitely be back to add another to our family soon from her!

My experience with Johnson's Pembroke Welsh Corgis has been nothnig but fantastic. Lauren was always quick to answer our questions when we contacted her about picking up our new furry family member. We weren't able to pick him up for a couple weeks and Lauren kept him reserved for us and sent us update pictures. She does genetic testing on the parents to ensure that the puppies she breeds are top notch and provides the parents and puppies a loving home before they are adopted. Her puppies come with certificates showing for the genetic testing and their health records showing their vaccines and de-worming treatments. When we arrived to pick up our little puppy, he was waiting for us and we got to play with him for nearly 45 minutes before taking him with us. Seeing where the puppies are raised and getting to talk to Lauren made us feel very confident in the pup we were bringing home. Lauren sent him with a bag of food, some of the toys he had been playing with, 2 harnesses and 2 leashes. It was everything he needed when he got home. We were very pleasantly surpised to learn that the puppies were partially potty trained and crate trained and our baby has been doing great with both of these. Lauren has quickly responded to the questions we've had arise since bringing him home and could not have been more helpful throughout this entire process. I whole heartedly reccommend Johnson's Pembroke Welsh Corgis to anyone looking for a great little corgi.

Lauren was so great to work with! She always replied quickly and answered any questions I had! I’ve had my pup, Rudy, for almost a month and we’ve been having a great time. I get to bring him to work with me to hang out with the elderly people. He’s doing great and putting smiles on lots of peoples faces!
Lauren was wonderful to work with! She kept us updated with pictures and videos from the time we picked Priscilla out to the time we picked her up. When we arrived, she had paperwork all lined up and ready for us and answered any questions we had. She also let us know that she would still be available for questions and concerns after we took Priscilla home if need be. She gave us new toys to take home as the others had just gotten muddy. We were able to meet Priscilla’s parents before leaving and she (thankfully) sent us home with puppy pads for the long drive. Anyone looking for a corgi will have everything they need and more with Lauren!

Amazing experience from start to finish. Lauren kept us updated with weekly pictures, which made the wait for our little guy go by quickly.  She was very responsive and answered all our questions. We couldn't be happier with our puppy, Toby, he is such a wonderful addition to our family!

After losing our Bailey , we were heartbroken . Some time passed and we extensively looked at different breeders for a baby to fill our empty nest . We came across Lauren’s page and we instantly liked the quality of her puppies , the fact that she tests, and her reviews were great .  From the moment we contacted Lauren she was quick with her responses and she took the time to answer every question we had .  She kept us up to date on upcoming litters with pictures of both mommies and daddies along with past litters , and we never once felt nervous about dealing with a breeder that was so far from where we lived . We explained to Lauren exactly what we were looking for and she delivered . We never felt rushed about picking our baby out and Lauren was great about giving us updated pictures and videos of our baby as he grew . She even arranged for our baby to be flown into our local airport . Everything was pleasant and professional , but also in the process we became friends . Our Holston is everything we dreamed of in a baby corgi. He is well tempered , smart , healthy , and just so handsome ! We can tell he was raised with the utmost care and love . What was also great is he came to us almost completely housebroken! We have already recommended Lauren to all of our friends and family . In our experience and opinion she IS the BEST!!!

Lauren and her family were so awesome through the whole experience. We were excited & anxious but she always responded to us within responsible time and was so helpful. This was our first time bringing a puppy home so we had a lot of questions. Lauren was just so great with us💚 thank you for our little boy! he is just the cutest , healthiest, most fun loving puppy he fit right in here in the 80 degree weather 😊☀️
Thanks Lauren for everything! Our female pup we got from them settled in right away with our 2 male corgis. Very socialized gorgeous puppy! Great to work worth explained everything I needed to know about the testing process.

Laren and her family were so helpful and knowledgeable about corgi's and every step in the process of getting my little Norman.. So much love and care is put into every aspect of her dogs and puppies,  even getting him to New Jersey safely for me! I couldn't recommend Johnson's Pembroke Welsh Corgi's more! He's such a happy healthy beautiful puppy and we're all so thankful for our Stormin Norman! Thank you Laren and Danny so much for everything ❤

I had the pleasure of getting to know Lauren and she makes you feel like part of her family.She is a wonder fur mommy along with her family.posted pictures,videos and even took time too call to discuss the pups.Even while taking care of family medical worries she answer every question day or son loves Zarya and its because of this wonder breeder Lauren and family.Puppy nanny was awsome so loving and caring while traveling with the pup.i highly recommend Johnson's pembroke Welsh Corgi's.Again thank you for making one of my sons dreams come true!
100% recommend Lauren if you are looking for a happy, healthy, and socialized Corgi puppy! She sent us weekly updated pictures of Peach which made this process go by so quickly! Very informative and happy to answer any questions. We picked up Peach yesterday and couldn’t be happier - thank you so much Lauren!!

Johnson’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s is wonderful to work with.   Laren is filled with knowledge and was very helpful in helping us pick out the right corgi for our family.   We picked this boy, Rio, and he is adjusting to his new home very well!!    Johnson’s facilities are great.  Very neat, organized and the dogs have specific places for different stages of their life until they join their new families.   I highly recommend them.  They are very nice people, very helpful and treat the animals they are raising with love and dignity that they deserve.   If only all breeders could be like them.

Riley Jones

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